Event Schedule


Setup camp for those who arrive early. Please report to camping coordinator to be directed where to setup your camp.


9:00am - 10:00am

  • Sign in for Prepaid Registrations
    • Each team will be given caches two temporarily place in the playing field for Sunday's game.
    • This year for all creative hides, the Committee would like a photo of your cache in situ for voting.
    • Weekend games will be in your event pack so read carefully the instructions to participate.


  • My first JLWE - How to play the game
    • A 30 minute session to explain how game day works. Great for both new and old teams to learn how to play the Sunday game, each year something changes.
    • This will cover all aspects, Travel Bugs, Bonus Tokens, Score Book, Black Thunder, Map, Area, Safety, Answer questions
  • If you miss this session please see a Committee member for more information.

3:00pm - 4:00pm at latest

  • Return to GZ with your cache placement coordinates.
  • Games for kids and adults can mingle and brag about their caching exploits.

7:00pm - 10:00pm Clare Capers (Skit Night)

  • Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you juggle? it doesn’t matter if you can’t, come and take a silly chance. This year we are seeking out Geocachers hidden talents to make us smile, giggle and laugh, we aren’t asking for much, perhaps 90 seconds of your time or maybe you want to give 300 minutes of your time. Do you have an old routine that you know? Can you play the banjo?
  • Can you play with fire? The options are endless. We will spend the night at GZ immersed in the Clare Capers!
  • This year’s theme is Carnival (Circus, Celebration & Colour)
  • Awards for the various games, and best costumes Geocachers wearing costumes will participate in a Theme Parade showcasing their beautiful colours and creativeness. If you don’t have a “costume” come in your FAVORITE colour!! (Black is not a colour)
  • Please Note: Each team should bring a wrapped gift to the value of $10-$15 for the JLWE Gift Bingo. If you are playing as a combined team and want each team member to receive a prize, then bring gifts equal to what you would take.
  • Please leave your gift when you register. You will be allocated a number and will need this number for Clare Capers Saturday night.



  • Bacon and egg sandwich and coffee/tea at GZ. Ensure you bring your voucher


  • Group photo on oval


  • Email sent of GPX file


  • Event Briefing, Recovery Restrictions and Booklet table uncovering


  • Cache hunting to start! Go! Go! Go! But drive safely and within speed limits

3.30pm - 4:00pm

  • All caching to be finished. All game caches must be retrieved and returned to GZ.
  • There will be severe point deduction for not being back on time. 1 point per minute after 4pm
  • There will be points for picking up your temporary cache after the completion of caching.


  • Best cache voting area will be open to place your cache and present it to the community. All caches will be located in the allocated area for you all to vote on. Voting cards will be onsite with the vote card box. All intended permanent caches may submit a photo that you need to print prior to the event. Please ensure you collect a number and attach to your cache.


  • Geocacher's Presentation night
    • Best JLWE caches awards
    • Milestone announcements
    • 10 year attendance JLWE presentation



  • Recovery, clean up, ALL PARTICIPANTS