Guidelines for June LWE 2022 Cache Placements

There will be caches hidden on the Saturday by those participating in the event. The number of caches to be hidden by each team will depend on the number of participating teams.

The temporary caches supplied to the teams will be hidden on the Saturday and retrieved after the hunt on the Sunday.

Caches placement is to be within the guidelines for placing a Traditional 3 star terrain cache. Any cache considered over the 3 star terrain will have 5 points removed from their score. Be mindful if hidden in trees they must not exceed 3 meters. Whilst clever hides contribute to the event you should be mindful of the opportunity for people to find a large number of caches on the day. Therefore accuracy in your waypoint is also important . It you have never placed a cache don't hesitate to ask for some advise. We have advisors available that are very experienced in June long weekends. The traditional cache will need to be at a minimum about 10cm in length. Contents of the temporary cache will be placed in the traditional cache and retrieved along with the other temporary caches at the end of the hunt.

The excitement of JLWE is the creative cache hides, On Sunday night participants can cast their vote for their favorite caches. Four categories will be voted on:

  1. Best natural camo
  2. Most entertaining cache
  3. Most creative cache
  4. Best overall cache

*** A single Cache can only win one category ***

After you have collected your cache at the end of the event if you do not plan to have it as a permanent cache you can display it on the best cache award tables, where each person will be given a voting sheet on the award night. If you plan to have your cache permanently then it will be up for a South Australia Geocaching Award.

The temporary caches can be camouflaged and there were many great examples of this over the years from interesting plumbing right through to memorial sites and cow pats. The camouflaging will need to be able to hide something the size of a small Milo tin or a rectangular take away food container. Cache dimensions are shown in the image below.
Cache size