The JLWE Event Explained

Never been to a JLWE event before? Want to know more about how they work? This page should answer your questions!

Firstly, there are a lot of activities over the weekend, you are welcome to participate in as many or as few as you wish. We aim to have something for everyone, so pick your favourite activity to join in!

Secondly, while some people put a lot of effort into building caches beforehand, there's no requirement to have anything prepared. To participate in the games, the only thing you need to bring is a GPS or smartphone, we can supply everything else required.

The Game

On Saturday, everyone is given a couple of caches to hide somewhere in the game area. Everyone then returns the coordinates of their caches to the organisers on Saturday afternoon. The organisers will then compile these into a GPX file which is then emailed out to everyone. Sunday is game day, where everyone goes out to find the caches that others hid on Saturday.

Some of the game maps from previous years are shown below. The map on the left is provided on Saturday morning, you can hide your caches anywhere in the playing area shown. The map on the right is handed out at the start of the game on Sunday morning and shows where everyone's caches are. A GPX file with this data is also provided.

Game maps from the 2021 event

Each cache is assigned a number of points, and the aim of the game is to find the most number of points. Puzzles and caches that require a walk to get to are usually worth more points. Sometimes there are also extra points for hiding your own caches in certain areas.

Bonus tokens: Some of the caches will contain "bonus tokens" which earn you more points.

Cache return: At the end of the game you need to pick up your own caches and return them to the organisers (so they don't get left behind as trash).

Don't be late! You'll lose points if you're late to return at the end of the game.

Winner's trophy: The winner of the game receives this perpetual trophy which has plaques for the winners going back to the first JLWE event in 2002.

NAGA award: For whoever is unfortunate enough to finish in last place, they receive this suitably themed trophy

On Saturday morning there is a information session where the finer details of the game are explained. This is worth attending if it's your first JLWE event.

Trophies, the winner's trophy is on the left

Black Thunder

Be at the right place at the right time for a mini-event with activities (eg. egg and spoon race) to earn points for the game. The time and location for these isn't announced until Sunday morning.

Sword fighting at Black Thunder 2019

Creative Caches Competition

Many people build all sorts of weird and wacky cache hides for the event. On Sunday evening everyone is invited to vote on what their favourite cache of the day was. Whoever created the winning cache then wins a prize. There are several categories to vote in: best natural camouflage, most entertaining cache and most creative hide.

During the game, all the creative caches are marked with a (C) in the name. This is for anyone that just wants to find all the best caches while out and about on the Sunday.

Some of the winning caches from past years are shown below.

Winning caches from past years

Saturday night dinner event

An event with a catered, three course meal is held on Saturday night. Visit the registration page to order a meal. There is usually also a quiz night or skit night run over the course of the evening to keep you entertained!

Costume competition

Saturday night's dinner event also includes a costume competition. Dress up in the theme and win a prize!

Flash mob event

Usually a flash mob event is held on the Saturday. There is a theme for these, so be sure to check out the event page beforehand!

Bacon & Egg Breakfast

Breakfast is provided on Sunday morning before the game starts. The group photo is also taken just after breakfast.

Other games

These change from year to year, but there are usually some other minor games to participate in as well. Such as: scavenger hunt, photo hunt, meet and greet games. There are some games just for kids too.

Presentation night

The finale of the weekend is held on Sunday night. Prizes are given out for the various competitions, there are some speeches and announcements are made about future events.


Most people attending the event camp onsite for the weekend. However there are also hotels and motels available in the area if you prefer something a bit nicer. If you live nearby, you're also welcome to attend for just the day!

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