Lameroo Ludicrous Legwarmers

7th - 10th June 2024

The Kings Birthday is a public holiday celebrated in most states and territories on the second Monday in June, making for a much-looked-forward-to June long weekend. In 2024, the Kings Birthday is on the 10th June in most states. This Long Weekend makes the perfect calendar date for the "Magic" weekend in June


Lameroo Ludicrous Legwarmers

Lameroo, Murray Mallee

This Years theme is:
80's Disco

Part of the fun of JLWE is coming up with your teams name, thinking about your cache hides and getting creative with your costumes.

We cannot wait to see what this years theme brings us.

The June Long Weekend Event has become an annual calendar item for South Australian Geocachers. The event has been held in various locations throughout South Australia since 2002. In the early days the game had a variety of different playing styles and over the years, the JLWE has evolved and taken on the current format for the weekend.

The JLWE Committee strive each year for an exciting and different event to help continue to make this a must attend calendar event for all geocachers. We aim to bring geocachers from all over for a weekend of laughter, games, caching and most importantly FUN!!

Over recent years we have had teams participate from as far away as Western Australia and Queensland and of course Geocachers from ALL over South Australia.

When people are asked what is it about the June Long Weekend that keeps you coming back, Geocachers have said "It's the fun of the whole weekend", "Knowing I will catch up with friends that I haven't seen since last years event", "The thrill of the puzzle chase", "The friendship and camaraderie of the weekend", "The time and effort the committee puts into making it an awesome event", "Location, location, location"

Kyancutta Group Photo
Group photo from 2023 June LWE event

Extra events

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Welcome to Lameroo, the Pub Meal
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Lameroo's Let's get physical Flashmob
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Spud & Skit Nite
Leaving Lameroo Litter Free

Past June LWE Events

If you haven't been to one of these before check out all the fun Geocachers have had with previous events.


Winner - 2019 Best Event

Winner - 2018 Best Event

Winner - 2017 Best Event

Winner - 2016 Best Event

Winner - 2015 Best Event

Runner up - 2014 Best Event

Runner up - 2012 Best Event

Winner - 2011 Best Event

GC41BC - Clare Caching Capers by Lyn and Gavin

GCF8E6 - SA-Geocachers "Geo-caping" weekend by Team Piggy

GCJC9A - The Remarkable Winter Caching Event by Gunnell & Pandaabear

GCN6XC - Fourth Festive Frolic Weekend by alex

GCTR53 - Cap-Under Caching Classic by Freddo and Team

Mt Gambier
GC11VAE - Caves, Craters and Caches by SECS

GC1949Q - Cosy Corner Caching by Pirate Parrotheads & Freddo Frogs

GC1MV9E - Heart of Yorke by Pirate Parrotheads & Freddo Frogs

GC276RY - Jolly Jamestown Jaunt on June LWE 2010 by Alex Freddo TeamHurtle thewhitedoggang

GC2PWBC - Copper Coast Caching - 10th JLW Event by YP Geocachers

GC3FXFG - Clare Caching Capers II by Team Ermalesh on behalf of all the Organisers

GC4A71Y Friendly Fleurieu Frolic by JLW Organisers

GC536PN Creepy Cleve Caching by Geocaching South Australia

GC5R78B Mythical Mundulla Mayhem by Geocaching South Australia

GC6EYK7 Wacky Wirrabara Wonderland by Geocaching South Australia

GC72AJJ - Exhilarating Edithburgh Endeavour by Geocaching South Australia

GC7HRNX - Riddlers Roonka Rampage by Geocaching South Australia

GC84EP1 - Quorn Quondam Quest - JLWE 2019 by JLWEvent Committee

Langhorne Creek
GC9867K - Langhorne Legendary Layover 2021 by JLWEvent

GC9M7R6 - Clare Caching Carnival by JLWEvent

GCA3RQ2 - Kutta Kutta Kaching Kaos by JLWEvent