20th Anniversary Quilt

Every year for at least the past 10 years the geocaching quilt appears at the event. There is an urban legend that many of us have heard about this quilt, however only a few hold the information about it. The legend goes that somewhere back in the day a cache appeared with material for people to create this historic masterpiece. There are names on here that we all know, but now it is time to add your own to the new quilt.

If you have attended a June Long Weekend Event previously or this is going to be your first event, you are welcome to contribute your Geocaching name to the quilt, please be mindful if you aren't either of these your patch may not end up on "this quilt" due to space.

Please choose a colour (ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW) from the template to create your own personal Geocaching signature for our 20th Anniversary. We would like you to get creative and design a colourful patchwork section to add to our quilt. Here is a link to a template.

The measurements for your patch must fit within the 6"inch allowing our creative patchers to sew it all together.

If you cannot design one before the event, keep your eyes out!! You never know when a quilting event may appear near you! The committee have been busy rallying the community together to support us to make this an awesome quilt! We will have some supplies for you to create your patch over the weekend if you cannot complete one prior.