Saturday Dinner Registration

This form is for dinner orders only. If you have already ordered dinner as part of your event registration, you do not need to fill out this form.

Adult dinners are $ per meal.
Child dinners are $ per meal. (up to 12 years old)

Dinner bookings close on Friday May 24

Dinner bookings have now closed.

Dinner Menu:

Soup: (choice of one)
(both include bread roll)
- Potato & Bacon
- Pumpkin

Potato: (choice of one)
- Good Old Spud
- Sweet Potato

Spud toppings: (choice of one)
- Chilli Con Carne
- Spaghetti Bolognese
- Tuna Mornay
- Veggie mornay (white sauce base)

Dessert: (choice of one)
- Sticky date pudding with ice cream
- Fruit salad with ice cream

Please indicate if you have a food tolerances and/or allergies.

Child meals are a smaller portion from the same menu.

No BYO alcohol inside the clubrooms due to licencing restrictions. A licenced bar will be open during the dinner event between 6pm - 8pm.


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Camping $0.00
Saturday dinner $0.00
Card processing fee $0.00
Total $0.00

Select payment method:

We prefer bank or card payment. However payment at the event is an option where bank and card are not suitable. Please contact us to discuss at
Please note the following conditions apply if you choose to pay at the event:

  • You may not receive a registration bag. Supplies are limited.

Please note that there is a surcharge of 1.75% + $0.30 on card payments to cover the card payment processing fee.

Note that dinner and camping is not reserved until payment is received. Hence paying upon arrival at the event is not possible for dinner and camping reservations.
Dinner and camping fees are non-refundable if you don't attend the event.